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Friday, January 6, 2012

A Modern Look at 17th-Century Boston

Here is a link to a 1997 article from Archeology Magazine about the unearthing of some of Boston's most significant sites, including the home of John Winthrop, Boston's first governor:

Boston in 1649
Winthrop's home was located on the main east-west road, almost due north of Corn/Fort Hill, to the left of the word "Boston." 

Modern Boston with Big Dig

To the right is a modern map of Boston, with the Big Dig shown (image from  This image is rotated about 45 degrees from the 1649 map.  The leveling of Corn Hill and other Boston hills, and a great deal of wetland fill has substantially altered the outline of Boston's peninsula.  Winthrop's home was located near the lower end of the red Big Dig line which runs diagonally across the peninsula.

Paul Revere's home, built in 1680, is the oldest remaining building in downtown Boston.  (below, image from
Paul Revere's home

Boston's Old State House

The 1713 Old State House is the oldest surviving public building.     (image from

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